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Tuesdays - Am Legion 273 6-8pm
Thu Aug 15 - Am Legion 273 2-6pm
Sat Aug 17 - Dog & Parrot 4-7pm
Sun Aug 18 - Bamboo Beach Bar 6-9pm

Thanks for visiting! We have survived an ultra busy 2018-19 season at the Pinellas Beaches!
After finishing with a flurry of 40 gigs in 34 days, we're now taking it a bit easy. I'll be
some performing a view travel gigs in my home town areas in Schuylkill County, PA.
I'm currently booking dates for summer 2019.

These days you can find me on Tuesdays at American Legion 273 (Madeira Beach), some Wednesdays at Bamboo Beach Bar, and Sundays at Blue Parrot. Weekends are filled with private parties at communities, Legion 273, VFW 2550 Dunedin, Bamboo Beach Bar, etc.
Check out my recent iTunes releases such as, at the top of this page, "Free Beer". A fun song you'll want on your playlist.


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Phone (570) 573-2313.

Performance videos from local gigs
Mustang Sally (at Lake Seminole Resort)

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