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"Tom as Garth" SHOWCASE performances :
Florida Festivals and Events Association
Orlando, FL on August 9 at 7pm

International Association of Fairs and Expositions
Las Vegas, NV on November 29

Dates below are for the "beaches act":
Wednesdays at JD's Lounge patio 1-5pm
Saturday August 20 - Greystone, Pottsville PA 8-11pm
Tuesday Aug 16 American Legion 273 2-6pm
Wednesdays at JD's Lounge patio 1-5pm
Thursday Aug 25- American Legion 158 5-9pm
for Country Day - country style foods and country music
Friday Aug 26 - American Legion 273 3-7pm

Twenty-eight years a prolific, full time, musical entertainer, in Florida, PA, and surrounding areas, Tom Davis has added an additional persona to his country and beaches music acts, Garth Brooks. In assembling "Tom as Garth" , Tom has developed two formats of tribute - acoustic (Tom and Guitar) and tracks based (using custom edited, concert style, real instruments/drums backing tracks). The act is a great addition to the stage or grounds for fairs, festivals, and events. Please visit to learn more .
Click here for the Tom As Garth website.
The acoustic format is produced to portray Garth's acoustic portions of his current stage set on tour and his 4 year acoustic based residency in Las Vegas. The show is an entertaining and interactive show featuring Tom, his Garth Brooks Signature Series Takamine guitar, the Garth/Crown Audio designed headset wireless microphone, the correct outfit, and his physical resemblence to Brooks. He delivers the goods with a Garth-like extroverted stage presence- encouraging singing along to every word. The setlist is patterned after Garth's current tour, featuring all the big hits plus a few covers that influenced Brooks' early years. On the Main stage as a feature/warmup or the small stage, entertainment tent, grounds, or wherever, Davis, after 5,000 gigs of experience, will bring his "A" game and give your event superior support.

"Tom as Garth" can also feature a larger full band concert type sound, using the Brooks Signature guitar along with custom mixed and edited backing tracks, what he terms "GarthTrax". In these GarthTrax, Tom painstakingly produces to resemble some of Garth's current concert versions of the songs.

"Tom as Garth" plays well as a feature, or as a warmup to another show, with a set up to 90 minutes length as a feature. Selections include Brooks' biggest hits and most well known songs, from the early days ("If Tomorrow Never Comes", "Much Too Young" (To Feel This Damn Old), "Friends In Low Places", "The Dance") to the middle years ("The Beaches Of Cheyenne", "To Make You Feel My Love") to the current - Garth's belove song, "Mom".
For more information please visit Below are compilation videos of impromptu previews of the acoustic (left) and tracks based act (right)

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Performance videos from local gigs

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